So many of us fall… get back up

Baby is napping and I am getting lost in the internet. It’s ritualistic. Baby goes to Sleep and I “escape” for just a bit to think about grown up stuff.

Frequently I do laundry, cleaning, bill paying or mostly my part-time work from home job, these are the things that typically steamroll around in my brain stomping any and all creative thought. But recently I have been making an effort to steamroll the other crap. Dedicating my mind to certain tasks/thoughts for the day has been helpful, or I just will auto-pilot to thoughts of the mundane.

The past two days have been for thinking about art. I’ve done some creative thinking about what I will paint for the Swain’s Christmas Miniature show that I signed up to be a part of this winter. I haven’t been able to participate in this show the last two years due to moving then having N.C.. But I have also been working on my website and Facebook. I try not to go on social media while N.C. naps because its a vacuum! You can get sucked in and then your precious nap break is gone, all gone. However, for work purposes it has to be done.

Anyway, to the point of this whole post, I stumbled upon a profile of a woman I went to school with who got married, had a child and seems to have stopped producing art. Typical story. I know, I’m there now. Now I say this with no judgement to her, because I KNOW. I know how easy it is to fall into the pattern of life. I know that we want to enjoy our families and art takes a lot out of us, so sometimes that’s all you can do. I know. I want to say to her, and to any one else going through the same, I know, I see you, and I want to make sure, that at least sometimes, you think about art. THINK ABOUT IT. Don’t even worry about making it. Think about it. Keep at it, don’t quit. You can fall into this routine, but GET UP. I say this because I need someone to say it to me sometimes.

So, get up and think about it. Please.

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  1. Absolutely. I have a long time gal pal in California. She started her own small pet care business recently. She worried that she’d no longer be able to stay in touch with her creative side. She’s a terrific painter, AND an animal lover. I suggested she take on smaller projects, further suggesting that she paint on smaller canvases. Paint. Paint. Paint!

    She then decided she would happily find time to paint dogs etc. for her customers who know what wonderful additional talents she possesses. Now, she’s back on track complimenting her current life path with her art. Way cool!

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