The perfect “Mom Blog”

I, like many moms i’m sure, am following a ton of “Mom Blogs”. Mostly Instagram blogs of women who are postpartum fitness gurus or homesteaders naturally dying play silk for children or free birds living with their husband and two children in a vintage Airstream trailer. (Not too many mom-artist ones yet. Can’t seem to find those.) What all these blogs seem to have in common is their “picture perfect” feel. I’m going to be honest, some days it really bothers me.

Let us just make something clear, right here, right now, my life is NOT perfect. I mean we all know this, right? However, even with this knowledge I frequently forget this when I get lost in the seeming perfection of the Mom Blog life. I start to wonder why my life isn’t so beautiful. Why am I surrounded by a pile of poopy diapers in need of washing  (cloth diapers here), a sink full of dishes that need cleaning, a house so messy you can barely walk or put something down, a kid that needs food, sleep and love, a husband who needs the same, a pile of undone personal projects and myself in need of so much self care but no time to do it?! How are these women in not only designer clothes but they are also in shape and have their hair and makeup done (WITH fake eyelashes) and they have SIX kids?! Seriously.

Why do we constantly portray the perfect? I mean obviously these women have their shit together, and ‘YAY’ for them. But also, the reality of it is their blogs aren’t reality, and we must not forget it. They too have their moments where life is real, they just don’t photograph it. It’s fine to be encouraged by these women, but don’t allow your daily success be defined by their highlight reel.

So this all leads me to this PSA: Let’s stop getting sucked into Mom Blog perfection, wishing to look that good and produce that much. There is a side you don’t see. Remember that, pull yourself out of that space, and think about art. Think about what you want to paint, draw, sculpt, make etc. Think about it when you put your kid down for a nap, when they are out playing, when they are doing whatever! Or even better get to making it, anyway you can. When you see those picture perfect moms, stop, drop the phone, and roll out your art brain. Making art takes a lot of heart as well as time, so give the time you would spend looking at Mom Blogs back to your craft.

This mom blog will never be perfect, but it will make you think about art. What more do we need?



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