Big Sister, Good Share

In the beginning of April I shared some news that we are expecting our second baby! YAY and OH GOODNESS! Hahahaha. I am due in mid-August, and I know the road ahead will be filled with new love, joy, sleeplessness and problem-solving regarding making art.

I have been spending these last few months trying to wrap up some commissions I took on and photographing some new reference for new works before this baby arrives.

I never realized how much time I had in a day with N.C. (now that she is on a pretty consistent schedule) to work on things for myself, until I start thinking of the road ahead.

I don’t know what new issues I will have, but I cannot imagine them being much different than my current issues, just bigger.

I look forward to documenting those thoughts and solutions for you, but for now I found some inspiration from another mother artist that I just thought I’d like to share and put here for future reference.

Anna Rose Bain is an artist working out of Colorado who has blogged a lot on the subject of motherhood. She has recently had her second child and still discusses the struggles of caring for a child and creating. She assembled all her blog posts about the first months as a mother artist into a downloadable short book. I got some great inspiration from her story and hope someone else will too.

Here is where you can find her book and here is her website.

I hope this post finds you all well and creating, and I wish you all a happy easter!

– Monica