Where are we now? Ramblings a year later.

Well since I last posted a lot has happened, and a lot hasn’t.

I now have a nine month old daughter, in addition to my two year old daughter, my heart is full, but my sketchbook is not.

However, with the current pandemic crisis my studio has been actually getting a lot of use, as a home office for my husband. It is nice to see life and work being done in the space on a daily basis even if it is not my own. This has helped/forced me to clean up my space and make it more habitable (it is in the basement) so there has been some benefit for me in the long term. It also has renewed my interest in the space, seeing it in use rather than vacant and abandoned.

Life with a new baby is starting to settle into routine, and has sparked inspiration for new works I never had the guts to do before. It has taken me a long time to embrace being an artist and mother, and also what that means for my creativity. It means work is slow or non-existent for years, but you know what it doesn’t mean, that I quit. I don’t quit. I won’t quit and I am grateful to everyone I speak to who tells me not to quit, it is inspiring. So I’m going to do the same for you now… Don’t quit. The world needs your creativity and the beauty and wonder that comes from it. Don’t quit.


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