Does painting my fingernails count as painting?

I am THE WORST when it comes to self-care. For example my old roommate would celebrate with me when I announced “I shaved my legs today”. Fast forward to many years later and add a kid, self care is even lower on my “Important things to do” scale.

When you run a household, hold down a part-time job, take care of a kid, and try and paint, self-care seems to go out the window with the bathwater. But what I have learned recently is that self-care can help me with all my other tasks. “How?” you may ask, well, when I feel good about myself, I am energized, and when I am energized, I can do anything! Maybe not everything, because I have to wait for my nails to dry, but I can do somethings!

By prioritizing myself and caring for myself both mentally and physically that has given me so much more will to do everything else, especially paint. Painting, like child rearing, is a drain on the soul and body, you need to put time into recharging yourself. So, may I suggest, take care of yourself, you deserve it.


The “care-trade”

One word, “Care-trade”.


(E. and N.C. enjoying the beach while I watched them both.)

A girlfriend and I have girls the same age. We both are creatives who work from home and are struggling to find time to work with our little bundles of energy around the house. So I suggested we do a care-trade. No money exchanged, two days a week (that’s the goal, right now its just one) we drop our baby off at the others house for a few hours, each person takes a a turn with both girls. Then, the free mom goes home and works! It’s genius and free. I painted uninterrupted without a care in the world for the first time in FOREVER. I may have cried some tears of joy.

Make a friend, and do it. It’s good for you. It’s good for your kids. It’s good for your friends.